Sensory 7 Chakra Bed

Sensory 7 Chakra Bed

An Immersive Energy Bath for Your Chakra


The Sensory 7 Crystal Chakra Bed and Energy Bath is a unique, immersive experience that combines seven healing modalities into one treatment for rapid rejuvenation. This treatment works to balance your chakras while helping the body align and find inner harmony within cells through a reduction free radicals.


  • Better sleep
  • Less stress
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Less pain
  • Cell detoxification
  • Increased energy
  • Increased clarity and focus
  • Feeling grounded
  • Deeper sense of wellbeing
  • Deeper connection to self


30-minute session: $55
45-minute session: $69
60-Minute Luxury Session. Includes Reiki with Alexis: $149

* time includes chakra selection & setup

Additional Information

What are the 7 healing modalities in the Sensory 7 treatment

Binaural Beats & Sound Therapy: Sounds played at two specific frequencies shown to organize brain waves and balance the mind.

Vibration Therapy: Two transducers built into the biomat underneath you create a vibration that plays along with the binaural beats, opening the body to heal and realign.

7 Vogel-Cut Quartz Crystals: The crystals receive the frequencies produced by our frequency generator. The UV laser and magnetic energy from the coil in the holder cancel each other out once they interact, this is how scalar energy is generated. What is left in its place is the scalar energy field, Tesla Energy, which is then focused through the Vogel-cut crystals and into the energy vortexes/chakras.

Frequency Generator: Produces frequencies that harmonize the body, allowing for a healing environment within you and cellular rejuvenation.

LED Lights & Chromatherapy: Generate light from the complete visible spectrum. Chromatherapy uses colors to adjust the vibrational frequencies in the body in order to result in health and harmonization. Each color emits a frequency related to a specific vibration. Each vibration is said to help alleviate different physical symptoms. Chromatherapy works on several energy points within the body to re-establish its natural balance.

Magnetic: Mobius coils are hand-wrapped and embedded in the Vogel holders. You can’t easily see them, but your body can feel them. They create a magnetic scalar component to the system and are vital in sending quantum magnetic pulses into the bio-dynamic field for cellular rejuvenation and overall feeling of wellbeing.

Biomat: A thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ion production (from Tourmaline). Negative ions produced by the biomat are absorbed into your body through your skin and your breath. Thereby increasing cellular metabolism, enhancing your vitality, reducing pain, and distributing various nutrients throughout your body. Far-infrared rays are heat-generating electromagnetic waves that penetrate the body further than traditional heating pads. This allows for reduced inflammation and pain from joint stiffness & sore muscles. The heat these far-infrared rays produce also warm the amethyst & tourmaline crystals enabling them to emit negative ions.