Himalayan Salt Room

Himalayan Salt Room

himalayan salt room

Salt therapy, also called halotherapy, is a holistic method that reproduces the natural micro climate of a salt cave by dispersing saline aerosol in a high concentration in a room whose surfaces are covered with layers of salt. Each Himalayan Salt Therapy session is 30 minutes of salted relaxation.

Salt Therapy Benefits

Does Salt Therapy Work? Yes.

Benefits Include:

  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Increased energy & alertness
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Migraine & headache relief
  • Aid in symptoms of allergies, hay fever & sinus infections


30 Minutes : $35

Each Additional Person : $20 each

Additional Information

Modrn Salt Room Classes

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Tap into classes from world-class NYC-based instructors specifically created for Modrn Sanctuary. Choose a 30-minute class once you enter the Salt Room, including:

  • Yoga, Mediation, Pilates, and Breathwork
  • Guided Hypnosis Sessions
  • Binaural Beat Tracks
  • Chakra Balancing Music
  • Modrn Speaks: Educational Talks Series

Member of the Salt Therapy Association

How long does a salt session last?

Our treatment has a 30-minute window in which the generator blows granulated salt into the air of the room. During this time, the door cannot be opened. This prevents the concentration of salt in the air as well as the effectiveness of the treatment from being compromised. After 30 minutes, the generator shuts off and an exhaust sucks the salt out of the room for 15 minutes. Clients are welcome to remain in the room for about 10 extra minutes during this time, but can also leave once the initial 30-minute treatment is complete.

What do I wear?

Clients are welcome to come dressed however they feel comfortable. Shoes are not permitted in the room, but socks or bare feet are okay. We also have booties available for use.

How many people can the salt room hold?

Our salt room is set up for 3 people for a regular session. However, we have the ability to convert the room for private group events and sessions, Clients are welcome to lay down on the floor, which is covered in heated, ground salt, in order to benefit from the many rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Will there be anyone else in the room with me?

There are 3 slots for every session, so there is always a chance that you’ll be enjoying your session with people you don’t know. If you are interested in setting up a private session, you can contact the front desk.

Are there any conditions under which I should avoid salt therapy?

  • Acute stage of respiratory disease
  • Cardiac insufficience
  • Coronary heart disease (CHD) or any heart related problems
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases with 3rd stage chronic lung insufficiency (COPD)
  • Unexplained bleeding; Expiration of blood
  • Hypertension in II B stage; acute kidney disease; Internal diseases in an acute stage; Tuberculosis (TB); Cancer for which salt therapy may be contraindicated. Cancer in treatment should be consulted with your practitioner before use of salt therapy
  • Alcohol or drug intoxication
  • Salt therapy has shown to be safe and beneficial during pregnancy, but 3rd trimester women are strongly recommended to consult with their medical physician first

What benefits am I receiving from a session?

Himalayan salt is antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal. The salt room creates excellent conditions for easing respiratory issues and certain skin conditions. The granulated salt in the air penetrates deep into the lungs. Once it has been breathed in, the lungs benefit from the high absorbency of the particles! This allows the salt to draw out impurities and foreign substances in the lungs. It can also aid in breaking up any mucus in the lungs so that it may be expelled. It is also known to help clients sleep better and aid in improving overall lung capacity. As for the many skin benefits, the microparticles in the air have a profound influence on the skin’s protective layers! The salt assists with normalizing pH levels of the skin which can, in turn, induce its natural regenerative and reparative processes. This makes salt therapy a great compliment to any treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Do I have to be sick in order to benefit from salt therapy?

Salt therapy is beneficial for maintaining the lungs and skin so that their natural processes can be completed efficiently, no need to sit around and wait for any ailments! Salt therapy can strengthen your immune system and be a great preventative measure against respiratory conditions. Also, the negative ions released from the heated salt on the ground have calming and relaxing effects! These can counteract the stressful effects of positive ions that are absorbed by the body through television and computer screens, cell phones, and other such technology that we encounter on a daily basis.

How long will the results from a salt session last?

This all depends on what condition you are hoping to ease with salt therapy, as well as how many sessions you come in for. For milder conditions, you may feel a difference in as little as one session. If you are suffering from a more severe, chronic issue, you may need to come in a bit more consistently, perhaps a weekly basis, in order to reap the benefits.

Isn't introducing salt into the body bad for you?

While it’s true that too much salt in your diet is linked to high blood pressure, salt therapy allows salt to enter your respiratory system– not your stomach, heart, or kidneys. Compared to the daily recommendation of 6 grams, the concentration of salt that your body absorbs is only .5-10 mg per cubic meter.

Are there side effects?

You may find yourself coughing more after a session. This is because the salt that has penetrated your lungs has loosened up the mucus in your chest so that you can expel it more easily. Your body will be in the process of eliminating any impurities that were drawn out of your respiratory system. Also, it is not uncommon to feel a bit dizzy in the session as the concentration of salt in the air increases. This is perfectly normal.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Salt therapy is a completely drug-free treatment that is safe for children. Children as young as 3 months old have reaped the benefits of Halotherapy. They are especially good candidates for the treatment since their underdeveloped lungs are more prone to respiratory problems. This makes halotherapy a great preventative measure to keep children from getting sick as often.

Should I stop using my medication during salt therapy?

No. Salt room therapy should be used as a complementary treatment or preventative measure. It is not a substitute for any medication or medical treatment. Consistent salt therapy often leads to people depending less on certain medications as well as a decrease in the persistence of symptoms. It is imperative that if you are following a certain medication regimen or treatment, that you consult your doctor about relying on salt therapy.

How many treatments will I need?

This will vary depending on what kind of condition you have and how severe it is. It is possible to feel an improvement after just one session, but the treatments will have maximum effectiveness if you commit to 1-2 sessions per week until symptoms become more manageable.

Is salt therapy covered by insurance?

Salt therapy is not covered by health insurance in the U.S. However, please note that depending on their insurance, many people have submitted their salt therapy bills to their flexible spending administrator and were approved as a valid cost.

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