Dr. Shari Auth, DACM, LAC, LMT

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Dr. Auth's work is truly holistic in that she treats the full person, and does so incorporating a host of time honored modalities. She practices acupuncture, Chinese herbology, structural integration and massage therapy. Dr. Auth uses one or more of these modalities to create a unique hybrid session, depending on the needs of her client. She treats a broad range of conditions including stress, sleep problems, women’s health issues, chronic and acute pain, digestive issues, depression/ anxiety, postural issues and cancer-related issues in conjunction with western medical attention. In formulating her individualized treatments, she takes into account the whole person, addressing the emotional and spiritual along with the physical. Dr. Auth is passionate about alternative medicine and its ability to help her clients live full and happy lives.

Dr. Auth is also the founder of the Auth Method, a system of massage that is both effective for the client as well as ergonomic for the practitioner. This method helps practitioners have long and healthy careers. She is the author of “Auth Method: A Guide to Using the Forearms” and producer of two instructional massage DVDs on massage therapy.

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