Theresa Galuszka

About Theresa Galuszka

“We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thic Nat Hahn

Theresa is a 2nd and 3rd generational Clairvoyant, Medium, and Psychic and Energy Healer. She is also one of the contemporary modern day Psychics who also has a keen gift in Energy Healing and Balancing thru her inherited abilities and has been trained since childhood in her gifts as a Seer, Empathetic Mystic, Guide, and Teacher. She has worked amongst healthcare, wellness professionals on a wide range of clients and conditions in medical facilities, holistic centers, and spas throughout the world. She is most heralded for her success in helping people deal with stress, fear, grief, anxiety, manifestation and clearing.. Theresa uses her talents and abilities to help others find balance and inner peace by combining modern and ancient practices to promote lifelong physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

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Additional Information

Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant readings are life-enchancing, life changing and affirming. Readings can help you direct your energies toward positive outcomes, providing you with the courage to take quantum leaps toward manifesting your goals. Past, present, and future information are coordinated with healing love and compassionate insight. Readings can bring light to soul contracts and karmic trends, breaking through to provide deeper clarity. Readings are provided individually, for relationships, or for groups.

Remote Services are available

Inhouse Readings – $295.00 by phone or Zoom – $225.00

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings provide sacred time to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. Readings can also help you to connect with Angels, Guides and Spirits who can communicate messages of wisdom and clarity. This is sacred and blessed work filled with compassion, love and light.

Inhouse Mediumship Readings – $325.00 by phone or zoom – $285.00

Advanced Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing is used in collaboration with intuitive and clairvoyant readings. This experience can shift energy blockage within the body and bring greater understanding and integration with the mind, body, soul aspect. Energy healing used the universal matrix Grid along with Reflexology, Meridian work, Reiki, future patterning, and re-aligning the human energy field at a deep cellular memory level. Theresa uses a combination of what she calls “field” work within the energy field helping align chakras, the emotional and spiritual planes to enhance a feeling of total restorative wellbeing and clarity.

Inhouse Energy Healing – $285.00 by phone or zoom – $225.00

Series Six Specialty Services

All these areas of special concern will benefit the soul and spirit in six week intensives which use a combination of Intuitive Readings/Energy Alignment along with tools such as Tapping, Hypnosis, Energywork, study and practice throughout the six week training. Areas of special focus changing and life affirming. Cost for these speciality training life enhancing skills are $777.00 in person or remote.

Anxiety Release – Realign your purpose, balance and skill to overcome anxiety through repatterning and neuro placisity reprogramming breaking through barriers of old beliefs, fears, opening to limitless potential within the mind, body, and spirit.. Dreamwork studies will be also be added along with meditation and tapping, energy healing, and clairvoyant readings.

Manifestation Training – reprogram your mind in gratitude, understanding of what it means to be in “the quantum” field along with clairvoyant and future progression in hypnosis. Deepening the meditative states of connectivity thru brainwave and frequency training you will connect thru energywork, mantra training, journaling to achieve your focus, dreams, desires, and life purpose.

Grief/Trauma Work – Deeply Looking into the human soul, and anatomy of the Spirit this six week session will include, Energy Healing, Meditation Practice, Study, and guidance in the field of reconnectivity and deep restorative resolve and purpose through the issues at hand. Karmic Past Lifetime work may be included upon request.

Happiness/Joy Intensive – Throughout this six week program you will become more intuitively aware of the power of your thoughts, and your own intuition deepening your sense of Joy and overall Happiness living Life in the Spirit of Joy fully and effectively. Studies on mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis and creative visualization, along with destressing techniques will add value and benefit to this lifelong skill in maintaining a sense of equanimity and balance in everyday life.

Past Life Regression

In this six week intensive Past life regression will take place on a massage table along with visualization/hypnosis aligning chakras and deeply looking at patterns and trends in soul identity, soul patterns and contracts. During this time, we will tie in any areas needing to be restructured to redetermine your ability to remain in growth/healing and compassionate resolve and realignment within the understanding of these trends of subconscious and unconscious energy patterns we have come in from birth to learn and evolve through specific karmic contracts and patterns.

Future Life Progression

This six week intensive using hypnosis and meditation will allow you to find healing and inner freedom by viewing and exploring your future self. You will experience a relationship with your future self to bring light to your life’s path and purpose Future Life progressions allow for an expansion of consciousness and allows you to glimpse into your own potential and progression using clarity and wisdom providing intuitive strengths to your journey into your future.

Relationship/Attracting love/Dating

This Six week explorative look into your natal astrology chart and those you love or are dating (although not necessary). Tools and observations into patterns and insight, logic and reason along with passion and playfulness will make this a must for those on, in or manifesting intimacy and partnership . We will be mapping the terrain for best possible purpose and highest good in manifesting or maintaining highest authenticity and empathy into your love, communication and desire outcome with keen awareness of conscious love.