Guinevere Johnson

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Complimentary Medicine Practitioner of Brennan Healing Science

Guinevere Johnson

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What I do

  • I question it all and believe there is a purpose for everything
  • I mirror back how powerful you are and I believe you can create anything you long for

I’m a healer with a private practice in NYC, My Longing Heart. As a healer (Complimentary Medicine Practitioner of Brennan Healing Science) I explore with clients their deepest longings and how to trust your authentic self.  I work with all aspects of the human energy-consciousness system by clearing and removing energetic blocks that limit your true potential for success.

What is health?

The medical term for health is homeostasis. “Homeostasis is a healthy state that is maintained by the constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways.” I believe this is true and I also support the concept that your body is naturally able to balance itself.

This sounds easy! So, why am I not getting what I want? Why am I sick?

If you add individual circumstances to the mix; stress, toxins, DNA and chaos—this will make homeostasis a challenge.  In my private practice I support my clients natural ability to heal themselves by using techniques to remove blocked energy.  When this is done successfully balance is easily achieved and will be seen in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual you.