Christal Medina

About Christal Medina

The Well- Being Company’s practices and services are powered by the belief “Healing Begins and Ends With You.”

A Certified Master Healer in the Japanese art of Reiki, Christal Medina, offers a host of spiritual wellness/spiritual healing services in addition to Reiki treatments and training. Christals gifts power back to her clients through an exploration of root causes of: trauma, loss, pain – in a way that qualifies her work as more than just “treatments” or “sessions.”

The Well-Being is the host company for Reflections, The Reiki Room and Medium Medina. Each are a part of the of wellness solutions offered by Christal Medina.

Christal’s own experience with pain from a car accident is what brought her to the world of Reiki. She was a patient first; she then become a practitioner of the healing art that allowed for her to avoid the over prescribed solution of prescribe medicine. Christal earned her designation as a “Master Healer,” and established The Well-Being – a Holistic and Spiritual Company where clients can begin the process of charting a path toward healing – or learn to become a Healer too.

The Well- Being Company’s practices and services are powered by the belief “Healing Begins and Ends With You.”

Additional Information

Psychic Services

I offer Spiritual Readings and Spiritual Consultations. Spiritual Readings typically involve insightful details about one’s life, past, present or future.

Spiritual Consultations are one-on-one conversations about particular difficulties in a client’s life.

Spiritual Services

These services are to help individuals clear away any negativity, energetic disturbances, Osogbos or shift low vibrating frequency. Consultation is a must for Spiritual Home Cleansing.

Spiritual / Wellness Events

These events are geared to help reduce stress from day to day life events, restoring your connection to inner and higher self. Some of our monthly events are Guided Meditation, Wine down Sundays, Healing & Forgiveness circle and so much more.


Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly refers to as energy healing. The word Reiki comes from japanese words ‘rei” universal and “ki” life energy. Reiki can aid relaxation, assist in the body natural healing process, reduce pain, speed healing process, develop emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Your Christal Medina treatment will be performed by the Modrn Sanctuary's team in New York.