I wouldn’t recommend this unless you already have a meditation practice

20-Minute Somadome Session

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you already have a meditation practice. That said I loved it! Modrn Sanctuary is a beautiful space and the staff is so friendly. The session was really relaxing and you get a chance to customize your experience. Some of them are guided if you’d prefer! The somadome is in their entrance/lounge area, but I couldn’t hear anything with the headphones on. It was a really nice deep meditation session amplified with the music, lights and waves.

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Very relaxing

30-Minute Sensory 7 Session

Very relaxing. Probably something you need to do multiple times to feel the effects. The space was nice. The actual time of the session was about 20-25 minutes, so not quite full 30 minutes.

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Gorgeous facility with a truly thoughtful and welcoming team

30-Minute Sensory 7 Session

Gorgeous facility with a truly thoughtful and welcoming team. Really appreciated the quick preview of the stunningly sublime Himalayan Salt Room before going in for the Sensory 7 treatment, which was divine. Can’t think of a more beautiful and revitalizing place to recover from the modern grind.

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My friend and I had an amazing time coming here

My friend and I had an amazing time coming here. The only downside is there’s no shower amenities to clean off after you sweat but they do try to work around that.


Really great!!!

30 minute Sensory 7 Crystal Bed

Really great!!!

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30 minute Single Occupancy Infrared Sauna

Amazing, highly recommend!

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Highly recommend

Q&A service has been accurate! Always answers quickly. Highly recommend.

Cj D.

Very pleasant

Very pleasant. Courteous staff. Salt cave experience over way too fast.


We received a very warm and professional welcomed

We received a very warm and professional welcomed, arrived a hour earlier and the waiting area was postive, comfortable and set the mood for relaxing. The young lady on duty was engaging, friendly and informative made us feel like family. Registration is a breeze. Groupon redemption was on point and received with no issues. Had fun, relaxed and will be back!!!!

Martin M.

Brittany was sweet, friendly and informative

Brittany was sweet, friendly and informative. She took the time to explain what I was to expect in the salt cave. She showed me around the establishment and told me about their services. The place is very clean & zen. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is into wellness.


I love it here

I love it here.

Clean, really peaceful. Great sauna, salt room is big and comfortable.

not today

Love this place!

Love this place! So beautiful and peaceful. All the treatments are great and the staff is amazing and so kind!

Alex M.

happy with my treatments so far

I just had my third session of the Physiq with Dr. Rothaus and Juliana and am happy with my treatments so far! The EMS portion of the treatment can be intense at times but manageable – you are able to change the setting if you wish to reduce intensity during treatment. The heat portion I keep all the way up as that is the fat burning section, while EMS portion I keep at 15… probably could have moved to 25 this treatment but will try the next time!


If I could give 6 stars, I would

Theresa went above and beyond with listening to my concerns and truly helping my back feel brand new again. The entire staff makes you feel welcomed and comforted from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave. If I could give 6 stars, I would

Leana C.

Love the staff

Love the staff. Love the place and the sauna, and facial, and everything! The meditation capsule didn’t work for me, but the facials and everything else is one of the best in ny.

Mariana M.

Safe and clean

Really nice single room. Safe and clean 🤎


Massages are heavenly!

This is my favorite spa and the only one I trust during the pandemic. They are very clean and fastidious about safety precautions. The salt room is lovely and the crystal bed really boosts my energy and mental/spiritual clarity. Massages are heavenly!


Highly recommend this treatment

Doctor Rothaus was really great! I did the cool peel treatment and it made a great difference on my skin for the better. The treatment didn’t hurt at all and a little bit of redness and dry skin for the next day but after that I was fine. When I went for my
Follow up we took before and after pictures and I
Noticed a big Change after one treatment, I would
Highly recommend this treatment.

Chloe R.

The doctor and team were wonderful

I saw Dr Rothaus at Modrn Sanctuary for a CoolPeel with SubZ Cryo. The doctor and team were wonderful. They made me feel very comfortable, addressed all my concerns, and were detailed with follow up care. The treatment was great—my skin looked and felt so much better afterwards!

Sara B.

Dr. Rothaus is the BEST!

I had a cool laser treatment with Dr.Rathaus last month, the results is amazing, my skin texture become so much better than ever. Dr. Rothaus is the BEST!

Nan Y.

This was by and far the best cosmetic experience in New York

This was by and far the best cosmetic experience in New York. The team is super easy going because of their perpetual great results. The practice is generous and prides themselves on following the newest and most innovative procedures. Creative atmosphere.

Shannon M.

A++ from start to finish

A++ from start to finish . I could not have hoped for a better experience than the one provided for me by Dr. Rothaus and his Medical Aesthetician,
Juliana. They were patient with me from the get go and I felt at ease knowing that all my questions were answered and that I was in good hands .
I would tell all my friends to get the cool peel treatment. This was my first time getting a treatment like this and I am pleased to say that the results are better then I had expected.
Both Dr. Rothaus and Juliana followed up with me and I feel genuinely cared for. I can’t wait to come back again!

Bree N.

Customer service is awesome!

Great offerings – easily reserved on ClassPass. It’s the epitome of a cutting edge new age spa. Customer service is awesome! They’re so kind when you approach and are patient in teaching you the ropes of their very cool tech. It’s honestly my favorite place in the city to go for a midday recharge from an intense day at work.

Susan F.

I felt completely taken care of

A spa that really cares about their customers. I had a technician not show up for an importent appointment and when I alerted management to it they took every step the rectify the situation. They were extremely responsive, personal and kind. I felt completely taken care of. Will definitely be going back!

Kait H.

Very relaxing

Very relaxing. I will definitely do it again. The staff is nice n friendly. I used the Groupon deal to try this out.

Irene J.