Slow Flow with Essential Oils

A therapeutic yoga class focusing on breathwork, movement, alignment, injury prevention and restorative poses. The doTerra Essential Oil Yoga Collection will be used during this class for Steadying, Centering and Enlightening!

Cost: $40

More about Slow Flow host, Lindsay Grobman:

Astrology Level I

Astrology Level I

October 9th, 2018
5 pm - 6:30 and 6:30 pm - 8

Welcome to Astrology Level 1: Taught by Amy Tripp, curator of Starheal Twitter with over 54k followers, she will be conducting and leading this class at Modrn Sanctuary’s semi-private Himalayan Salt Room.

The glowing healing powers of vibrant salted walls and heated floors provides a calm environment to learn everything the internet can’t teach you about astrology.

For level 1, Amy will guide students through the your personal reading of your Sun, Moon, & Rising Sign. Following with the teaching of the 4 elements, 3 modalities, and the 12 signs. The end of the class will then be open for questions and feedback to prepare you for Level II. Note: Level 1 will not dive deep into the details of your personal birth chart, but the basics of the signs & your Sun, Moon, & Rising. Level II will supply that.

*Be sure to submit your birth details in the form below*

Join us for an evening in the stars!
There will be 2 sessions available for your convenience!
5 pm - 6:30 pm
6:30 pm - 8 pm
Cost: $45— Book with code STARHEAL5 for $5 off your first class!

Name *

What to Bring and What to Expect:

  • A notebook and pen to take notes!

  • Dress comfortably!

Agenda of class:

  • Intro, Reading of Sun, Moon, & Rising sign, 4 Elements, 3 Modalities, 12 Signs, Questions/feedback, Homework for Level 2 course.

  • The healing space of Modrn Sanctuaries glowing Salt Room

  • Mats and seats will be provided by Modrn Sanctuary