OMAR WALROND    Craniosacral Energetic Body Healer, Massage

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Omar Walrond is an energetic body healer with a license in massage therapy.  He studied energy healing in Japan and Brazil before graduating from the Swedish Institute of Health Science in New York for Massage Therapy.

He has developed a unique approach to healing that merges Cranial Sacral therapy, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, energy balancing and unblocking in order to facilitate a deeper healing and understanding of ones body. This approach focuses on bringing awareness to the conscious mind on what is happening in the physical, mental and energetic body through touch and energy shifting.  Energy blockages that manifest in the body can become parasitic in nature, draining vital life force energy if one is not aware of them.

Every cell, tissue and organ in the body stores information, experiences and traumas from our life. Allow Omar to help you reconnect with your physical and energetic body in order to achieve self awareness and a deeper understanding of your unique path of healing and awakening.