“Best spa membership in town! I love the unlimited wellness spa services, like the infrared sauna and guided meditation, and can’t beat the MedSpa savings on Botox and fillers!”


1 Custom Facial Monthly
4 free of the following
big discounts on all beauty & medspa services

Membership Benefits


$1,100 worth of free services each month


6-month commitment period and then month-to-month. Cancel or pause anytime after the initial period with 30 day’s notice.

Membership Pricing…$249 Per Month


Choose from: Brightening * Acne Fighting * Moisturizing * Anti-Aging

4 FREE monthly treatments of Each Service

Infrared Sauna * Sensory 7 Crystal Bed * Salt Room * Full Body LED * Aromatherapy Oxygen Bar

Plus, member pricing as follows:

$20 After Your 4 Free Treatments of Each Service:

  • Infrared Salt Sauna (60-Minute) (reg. $55)
  • LED Full Body Red Light (reg. $39)
  • Sensory 7 Chakra Bed (30-Minute)(reg. $55)
  • Himalayan Salt Room (reg. $35)
  • Oxygen Bar (20-Minute) (reg. $35)


  • 60-Minute Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology or Prenatal Massage: $119 (reg. $149)
  • 90-Minute Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology or Prenatal Massage: $155 (reg. $195)
  • 60-Minute CBD or Salt Stone: $155 (reg. $195)
  • 90-Minute CBD or Salt Stone: $205 (reg. $245)
  • Dry Brush Microcirculation Massage: $185 (reg. $225)
  • BallancerPro Lymphatic Drainage Massage: $125 (reg. $200)

Do your massage in the salt room: add $75 (reg. $95)


  • Somadome: $20 (reg. $35)
  • Chiropractic’s Initial Visit: $89; Return Visit: $49
  • Acupuncture with Dr. John: $80
  • 30-Minute Reiki Session with Christal: $99

Facials & Peels

  • Facial Massage: $64 (reg. $100)
  • Cryoskin Facial: $150 (reg. $225)
  • Custom Facial $150 (reg. $225)
  • Dermaplaning Facial $165 (reg. $275)
  • Microdermabrasion Facial $165 ( reg. $275)
  • Anti-Aging Micro-Channel Facial $225 (reg. $275)
  • Non-Invasive “Facelift” $350 (reg. $525)

Add a Glycolic Peel to any facial $59 (reg. $89)

  • Glycolic Peel Only $105 (reg. $150)


Pricing pending number of units. Areas starting at:

  • Upper Lip or Chin $175 (reg. $225)
  • Crows Feet $200 (reg. $240)
  • Forehead, Glabellar or Frown Lines $275 (reg. $360)
  • Masseter for Jaw Clenching $475 (reg. $600)
  • Hyperhidrosis for Sweating $950 (reg. $1200)



Fillers per Syringe

  • Juvederm, Voluma, Contour, or Sculptra $900 (reg. $1200)
  • Restylane Refyne, Lyft, Kysse, Defyne (reg. $900-$1000)
  • Juvederm or Vobella $750 (reg. $900)
  • RHA 2, 4, & 4 available upon request

Exciting & New

  • Subnovii Plasma Pen varies by area
    • eg. Lower Eyelids $1,250 (reg. $1,500) additional areas upon request
  • Denave Laser for Hyperpigmentation*
    • Full Face $650 (reg. $800) additional areas upon request

Body Contouring

  • Physiq Fat Reduction & Muscle Toning $200 per head (reg. $250)
  • VenusVersa (per area face or body): $175 (reg. $355)
  • ThermiSmooth (per area face or body): $175 (reg. $355)
  • Cryoskin Body: $250 (reg. $355)

PDO Threads for Face

Thread options include: silhouette (instalift), barbed, infinity, smooth or twisted

Requires consultation for pricing.

Facial Rejuvenation

  • Hollywood Peel $500 (reg. $600) 
  • Laser Facial $400 (reg. $500) *
  • Cool Peel $750 (reg. $1000)
  • PRP for Face $900 (reg. $1000)

Hair Rejuvenation

  • PRP for Hair Single Session $900 (reg. $1000)
  • PRP for Hair Three (3) Session $2,500 (reg. $3000)


  • Full Face PLUS Neck $400 reg. ($575)
  • Virtue RF Microneedling + Radio Frequency

$900 (reg. $1200)*

  • Viva Fractional RF Microneedling $750 (reg. $900)

Terms & Conditions

Membership Term: 6-month term period. Monthly auto renewal after initial 6-month period.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime after 6-month membership period with 30 day’s notice.

Rollover: Unused services do not rollover from month to month.

Session Lengths: Sessions that have allocated length, such as the Infrared sauna or oxygen bar, cannot be replaced for additional sessions at a lower time increment. For example, a guest may not a 60-minute sauna session for two (2) 30-minute sauna sessions. Free services provided are in the time increments shown.

Details: Membership provides access to the Modrn Sanctuary free wellness service and the reduced costs services as outlined in the membership agreement or as listed on the website. Modrn Sanctuary retains the right to change, alter, or remove services at any time. Discounts may not be used in combination with any other promotions or memberships unless otherwise approved or noted.

Usage: Clients may elect to book up to one of each free service per day that are included in the membership. There is no limit to the number of at-cost sessions a client can enjoy per day or month during their membership. Unused free sessions do not roll over from month-to-month. Sessions and memberships are not shareable or transferable.

Booking: Clients may only have five active free service bookings at one time. No recurring (weekly, monthly, daily) bookings.

Scheduled Appointment No-Show & Cancellation Fee:

Clients who arrive more than 10 minutes after their scheduled time may be allowed to use the remaining time of their appointment. However, for appointments that cannot be abbreviated, such as technician specific services, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $30 and $50 for medspa services.


  • No-Show appointment- $200 Minimum charge
  • Cancel within 24-hour with NO rescheduling- Minimum of $200
  • Cancel within 24-hours WITH rescheduling- $50 fee


  • NO show (any appointments) – $15 Fee
  • Cancel or reschedule within 24-hours- $15


  • No Show (Cryoskin, thermismooth, facials, massage, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc)- Full Charge
  • Cancel within 24-hour with no rescheduling- Full Charge
  • Cancel within 24-hours WITH rescheduling- $30 fee

Membership Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your membership no less than 30 days before your next scheduled payment and only after the initial 6-month period. Cancellation prior to your 6-month anniversary will result in the immediate charge of the remaining balance of the 6-month term. Modrn holds the right to cancel your membership at our sole discretion at any time. Should your membership be cancelled by action of Modrn Sanctuary, decision, you may be prorated a refund for the remaining portion of your month.

How to Cancel your Membership: To cancel your membership, you must email your request to [email protected] and submit a request for cancellation.

Recurring Payment Grace Period & Late Fee: If the saved payment method on file is unsuccessful, the card will be recharged 3 times, every 3 days, during a 10-day grace period. Following the grace period, a $20 late fee will be charged every week until resolved.

Pausing Your Membership: After the first 3 months of your membership, members may elect to pause their memberships for up to 1 month. Paused time will not shorten or change the 6-month period of your commitment.

Government Mandated Lockdown: In the event the government mandates a lockdown that results in the closure of Modrn Sanctuary, your membership will automatically be paused from the first day of the lockdown until the lockdown is lifted. Upon the mandate being lifted and Modrn Sanctuary is reopened, your membership will automatically be restarted. The government pause does not include the pause you are granted as part of this membership. A government pauses does not count toward the 6 months of your membership commitment.

Membership Agreement & Disclosures: This Agreement is between you (the Member and the Buyer if different then the Member), and Modrn Sanctuary. You have elected to pay for your payment on a monthly basis. Your first monthly/recurring payment is due at the time of sale. Your monthly recurring payment is due the same day of each month thereafter until your membership expires, is canceled or terminated in accordance with this Agreement.

Beauty Membership Free Monthly Custom Facial: Automatically added to your account. Book and use anytime during the month. Only one free custom facial a month. Does not roll over or accumulate if unused.