Lorraine Kearney

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Lorraine is an active member with Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a NYC based nutritionist who loves to help people achieve their nutrition and lifestyle goals. She applies her knowledge of dietetics with the latest scientific findings in health and nutrition to create an individualized nutrition plan specific to your needs and daily routine. No two diet plans are ever the same.

Maintaining a balance diet is not always easy, especially for weight loss, sports training, or in times of illness. Let Lorraine guide and teach you how to care for your body so you can reach your nutrition and lifestyle goals. There is no correct weight number that suits all, rather your healthiest weight is one where you feel the most comfortable in your own skin. Take the guesswork out of what your body needs to be healthy and let Lorraine help you take charge of your health by teaching you about the importance of nutrition.


30 Days Unlimited Nutrition and Health Coaching

Purification of Mind & Body - Detox

Health Check Wednesday

Nutrition Coaching

Total Nutritive  Rejuvenation

Specialized Nutrition Package

Integrative Supermarket Tour

Radiant Skin

Sugar Detox

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