Crystal Light Therapy (also called Crystal Bath or Crystal Bed Therapy) promotes emotional, mental, physical & spiritual healing. It opens, balances and clears the Chakra of your body's primary energy systems.  In addition to Chakra healing, this therapy also balances, smoothes out and restores your body's biofield (also referred to as your energy field or aura). 

Crystal Bed Therapy uses extremely clear, highly polished precise Vogel quartz crystals, cut to a specific frequency. Colored lights matching the vibrational frequency of chakra colors radiate light and energy through the crystals to each respective chakra. They shine on/off in healing rhythms to cleanse, balance and align your energies.

Clients can book a 25-minute or 45-minute session.  

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30 Minute Session · Crystal Bed Treatment· $45

The 25-Minute Crystal Bed Treatment is a wonderful option for clients on the go or as an add-on to another service they received at the center! 

45-Minute Session · Crystal Bed Treatment · $60

The 45-Minute Crystal Bed Treatment allows clients to enjoy a relaxation crystal bed experience and go deep into a healing state! 

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Learning more about the crystal light bed. 

The Crystal Bed is composed of seven systems of energy transmission: Light, Sound, Magnetic, Crystal, Orgone, Scalar wave, and adjustable frequency.


A Scalar wave is formed when it cancels itself out. The equal and opposite energy from the same source will create such an effect.

When Scalar waves are formed, they cancel out the 3D physics and leave a higher dimensional energy in place. This energy is free to be used for other resources and is best suited when combined with crystals. The crystals can hold the energy of scalar since they themselves develop it. The key here is how to then use it in the crystals.

If a Vogel crystal is used (specific cut to give direction to the energy) and coupled with intention of a person, then the Scalar energy is used for that purpose.

Scalar waves have the ability to penetrate into every cell in the body since they are not working in 3rd dimensional space but that of a higher dimensional system or quantum space.

“Our biology; the cells and DNA, use a few key ingredients in the composition of regeneration: magnetics, frequency, light, and intention. The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed takes into account all these pieces and creates a system that allows the body to readily use the information, thus creating a high level of en-trainment for healing.”


One of the main attributes of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is the high amount of Scalar energy sent through the various mediums. We have developed 7 systems of transmission:

  1. Orgone- Vogel holders that are cast with crystals, metal, and electronics

  2. Sound- Specially designed soundtracks with embedded scalar waveforms

  3. Crystals- Generators and transmitters of Scalar

  4. Lasers- generate a specific wavelength and pulse

  5. LED's- generate light from the complete visible spectrum

  6. Magnetic- The mobius coil is generating a collapsing magnetic field

  7. Frequency- The frequency generator is allowing shifts in specific frequencies

The scalar waves are important since they travel deeper into the body while the body can use the information sent as if it were 3 dimensional energy like sound or light. When photons strike the skin through the sun or artificial means, they only penetrate perhaps a 1/2”. This is were the scalar energy helps. The above mentioned systems in the crystal bed provide a method for the scalar wave development while the vogels focus the energy. In addition, the sound files have layers of scalar waves embedded into the sound field which permeate into the cellular structure.


There are seven lasers in the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed, each laser is attached to the vogel holder and has a very low 10-15 Milli Watt output (think of a laser pointer) In addition, each laser uses a Indigo wavelength which falls just short of the UV range. Science has found this spectrum and the neighboring UV light to be the most receptive to the mitochondria and DNA.  The lasers all pulse in time to the frequencies you are using to enhance the overall effect of the bed.

NOTE: The lasers are not harmful in any way because they are not directed at the body and the wattage is very low. We use lasers because one laser can do the job of fifty LED's.


The sounds used are the most effective way to en-train the body into a restful state. If we can get the body to vibrate at specific frequencies, then the body is open and receptive to those frequencies . This becomes even more potent when we can add addition mediums like light to the mix. If we are using a known healing frequency like 111Hz., then greater well being occurs.


Our bodies utilize a complex system of magnetic information that controls the release of chemicals and relays signals through the body. The system runs close to the speed of light and is in fact a room temperature superconductor. This magnetic system is also VERY sensitive to outside influence and so in modern society, it has become severely compromised. Some of the disturbances are motorized devices, cell phones, WiFi, power lines, etc...

Before the use of electricity, the bio-electric system could reset and regulate by using the clock cycle of the Earth and the Schumann resonance frequencies. However, the modern electromagnetic pollution is so bad that the bio-electric field cannot create homeostasis.

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed takes these factors into consideration and creates a SCALAR MAGNETIC FIELD that can go into all of the cells and boost beneficial frequencies through scalar means. We are essentially bypassing the 3D and going straight into a higher dimensional energy system. This is the safest way to change the magnetic field of the human body since it is create a higher dimensional template for the body to follow.


The mobius coils are hand wrapped and embedded in the Vogel holders. (llustration 29+30 ) You can't easily see them but your body can feel them. The Mobius coils create a magnetic scalar component to the system and are vital in sending quantum magnetic pulses into the bio-dynamic field.


Frequencies are everywhere and a part of everything. A frequency is a specific numeric vibration that is held by an object. If you find the frequency, you can change the nature of that object.

We use specific frequencies in the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed to adjust a persons overall frequency to promote health and well-being. Many of these frequencies are done through sound while other are done through light and magnetics. The frequency generator allows us to make new frequencies. These frequencies are carried into the Vogel crystals and changed into scalar or zero point energy- an extremely effective way to shift the subtle bodies.

The reason we use specific colors is to allow the chakras to respond to the light and rebuild into a healthy system.

Energy centers in the human body that help regulate flow of Chi or subtle energy. The Crystal Bed focuses on the first 7: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown.