Breath-Centered chromaYOGA with Salvador Martinez

Cost:   $40 per class
Package of 7:   $200


In Breath-Centered chromaYOGA with Sal, the feedback of yoga is the process of consciously integrating body, mind, movement, and breath and maintaining that awareness throughout the practice. In the yoga tradition, the principle of svadhyaya (self-study) is engaged with asana (postures). Students are guided and encouraged to maintain qualities of steadiness, alertness, and comfort as we move through various vinyasa krama (organized sequences of asana), paying particular attention to the ways in which our breath can affect our mind and our mind can affect our breath.

In this offering, you will experience the healing power of yoga and color therapy while immersed in the energy of 200 million year old healing salt. This 7 week program will also address the balancing of the 7 chakras through LED color changing salt walls and heated salt floors that release negative ions. A vinyasa krama will be associated with the corresponding chakra, supporting and welcoming a conversation of self-reflection and observation.

Full Description of the 7 Classes



Mudra: Adhi Mudra - Gesture of Primordal Stillness

Core Quality: Stillness

Especially Helpful For: Connecting with the stillness of our essential being, Instilling a sense of grounding, Facilitating seated meditation

Affirmation: Like a statue softly breathing, I rest in the perfect stillness of my being



Mudra: Adho Merhudanda Mudra - Gesture of the Base of the Spine

Core Quality: Centering

Especially Helpful For:  Instilling a sense of centering, Enhancing emotional equanimity

Affirmation: With a deep sense of center, I experience perfect equanimity.  



Mudra: Brahma Mudra - Gesture of Creative Energy

Core Quality: Awakening Energy and Vitality

Especially Helpful For: Instilling energy and vitality, Building self-esteem and determination, Realizing our full potential, developing self-mastery

Affirmation: With radiant vitality at all levels of being, I manifest my life purpose completely.



Mudra: Padma Mudra - Gesture of the Lotus

Core quality: Unconditional Love

Especially Helpful For: Unfolding the heart’s essential qualities, Cultivating compassion and empathy

Affirmation: Nurturing the garden of my heart allows for the blossoming of unconditional love.  



Mudra: Kali Mudra - Gesture of the Goddess of Spiritual Purification

Core Quality: Spiritual Purifcation

Especially Helpful For: Balancing the process of spiritual purification, Enhancing intuition, allowing us to receive spiritual guidance for our journey

Affirmation: Through purification at all levels of being, my true nature is revealed naturally.  



Mudra: Dharmadhatu Mudra - Gesture of Tranquility

Core Quality: Meditation

Especially Helpful For: Supporting us in welcoming and witnessing thoughts and feelings in meditation, Integrating body, breath, senses, and mind, Experiencing the silent spaces between thoughts

Affirmation: Following the rhythmic flow of the breath, the mind finds a natural place of rest.



Mudra: Anata Mudra - Gesture of Infinity

Core Quality: Unity Consciousness

Especially Helpful For: Revealing our true nature of our being as freedom and unity, Harmonizing the entire chakra system, Allowing us to experience glimpses of bliss.

Affirmation: Integration of all of the chakra qualities reveals my true nature as freedom and unity.

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