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Sam Bailey | June 4, 2019

The ultimate spa treatment which can assist in allergies and skin conditions.

Forget peppering salt onto your food, if you’re wanting to cleanse your body and soul, why not immerse your whole body in Himalayan rock salt? Thanks to ‘halotherapy’ or ‘salt therapy’—the latest wellness trend hitting day spas and wellness centres around the world—you now can! As luxe as lying back in a millennial pink salt-infused room, ‘halotherapy’ is the latest treatment loved by celebs and influencers alike that uses salt vapour to promote wellness and cure seasonal woes such as allergies and cold and flu symptoms.
Said to date back to Ancient Greece, with Hippocrates swearing by salt inhalation for respiratory issues, it’s only recently gained attention thanks to its powerful therapeutic healing benefits ranging from cleansing airways, helping sinuses, improving asthma, alleviating allergies and aiding skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis to name a few!

In Sydney, Cryotherapy in Crow’s Nest is the first spa in Australia to open a ‘Himalayan Pink Salt Room’ with a state of the art salt room—heated at 30 degrees Celsius and featuring pink Himalayan salt bricks with gold trimming and complete with LED lighting that colour to match the mood you wish to cultivate (…think orange for freedom and green for balance).
According to Cryotherapy manager Clarisse Flambard, as told to Spa + Clinic, the salt room is the only place in Australia people can experience “saline dispersal via ultrasound nebulizer and simultaneous infrared chromotherapy.”
As for the treatment, it isn’t just about looking pretty in pink, Flambard says that the salt is of the highest grade and sourced especially with maximum health benefits in mind.

“We flew to Italy to source the technology used in our room and when combined with our unprocessed Himalayan crystal salts, which are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and bromine as well as possessing anti-allergenic and anti-fungal properties, it is a powerful health experience,” says Flambard (as told to Spa + Clinic).
The results of such a concentrated salt experience? Think less cold and flu (hello Aus Winter!), reduced allergies (hello LA Spring!), a reduction in migraines, better sleep, along with potential weight loss benefits, decreased inflammation (goodbye dreaded DOMS) and all the good vibes!

Sound like the kind of bliss you’d be willing to get salty for? Don’t worry, for those based in the Northern Hemisphere, salt therapy spas are fast popping up on every street corner in New York too!
If you’re looking to breathe a little easier this Spring, check out Breathe Salt Rooms on 5th Avenue or for a complete mind, body experience, check out wellness studio Modrn Sanctuary that offers yoga and reiki based chakra alignment sessions within the rooms!