Modrn Sanctuary offers a variety of spa massage modalities including Reflexology Massage – which is an early Eastern massage modality on which the Zone Theory was developed using various forms of techniques and acupressure.

To simplify, the foot is divided into different areas representing the zones. These zones correspond to each of our organs, glands, and systems of the body. Thumb Walking is done on the sole of the foot – for deeper organs – while Finger Walking is done lightly on the top of the foot and ankle – for superficial areas. Reflexology affects specific areas associated with the organ. It can also be done on the hands and ears.

Besides relaxation of course, Reflexology is great for reducing pain, improving immune system response, increasing circulation to normalize healthy body functions, facilitating detoxification and promoting homeostasis (balance of the body).

A Reflexology Massage is great as a standalone treatment or can be combined with other spa services such as facials to additional wellness.