Natalie is a trained and certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Her training has brought her to all over the world including India and Bali.  

As Modrn Sanctuary's resident yoga teacher, Natalie is a seasoned holistic healer that holds space for others to find physical freedom, core strength and heart expansion through various healing practices.  Our Weekly Yoga class at Modrn Sanctuary is focused on becoming fluid and embodied, gliding through a dynamic Asana practice and closing with a 20 minute meditation.

Class is 80minutes. 

Gain strength, flexibility.  Become centered, clear and feel fluid and vibrant.  Bring water and a towel.


Mondays 4:30-6pm

This 90-minute class begins and ends with.....

Cost:    $35
To RSVP call 212-675-9355,  email, or book below

Thursdays 12:30pm-1:30pm

This 60-minute class.....

Cost:    $35
To RSVP call 212-675-9355,  email, or book below