Tracie Susalis-Braunstein       |     Massage, Reiki, Wellness workshops

Tracie is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, wellness workshop
writer, creator of Flourish (my natural skin care line) and owner of Bloomed Chakra.

With every challenge; illness, heartbreak, depression, death of a loved one – we develop
energy blocks and emotional scarring. Over time and with each new block, we become more disconnected
from the Divine (whomever you align with spiritually) and our authentic selves.

Tracie believe in healing holistically, meaning mind, body & soul. Blossoming into your authentic self, the YOU that
you are truly meant to discover, takes work, takes courage and most importantly takes self-love. Nourishing
yourself is the first step in clearing old, stagnant energy making room for absolute abundance and bliss.