The Ultimate Beauty Sleep


The Ultimate Beauty Sleep

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Rediscover what deep relaxing sleep feels like on a subconscious level. Creating a new relationship with sleep has never been easier!

Discover Night Pillow
The NIGHT Pillow™ youth-boosting sleep product maximizes the little time you have for shut-eye by combining unparalleled comfort for every sleep position with hair and skin benefits. The signature midnight black color of the pillowcase negates light, acting like a built-in sleep mask and allowing you to catch some deeper z’s. Customize your NIGHT Pillow™ experience with one of our three design options for the pillowcase border.

VitaJuwel Gem Stone water bottle (Balance)
(rose quartz - amethyst - rock crystal)This basic, well-balanced composition was used to inspirit water for hundreds of years. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and that rose quartz fosters tranquility. 

Better Sleep Hypnotherapy Program
The Sleep Better Hypnotherapy Program will help you regain control of your ability to sleep quickly, calmly, soundly and deeply throughout the night.  Whether you are laying awake from stress, worry,  or another distraction; your mind and body can be retrained to let go into the dreamland state. By resting the body you can regain your peak performance and feel rested and ready to handle the day ahead feeing calm, relaxed, and in control. 

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