Energy Leadership & Stress Management (CLASS)


Energy Leadership & Stress Management (CLASS)


Class Date:    Wednesday February 15, 2017
Time:             6:00-8:00pm
Cost:             $95*

(Action Oriented Energy Shifting)

Your energetic profile is the filter or lens in which you see and experience the world around you. Our energetic profile has both a primary and secondary resonating state. This is the state that we are in when we are void of emotional triggers and stress. While our energetic makeup can change during our lifetime, it also allows you to understand what happens to you under stress. For many people when they are emotionally triggered by a stressor (mental, physical, environmental, spiritual, emotional, etc) we can shift our energy away from our natural state of being. The more aware you become of your stress reaction the more able one can be to create new tools and options to disengage the stress response. 

This small group workshop will be hosted by one of the top life coaches and hypnotherapists in New York City, Alexandra Janelli. Together we will learn several tools to quickly and effectively remove blocks and shift your energy from avoidance to one of action. 

Our small group workshop will include:

  • Energy Leadership Assessment (**to be completed prior to the class)
  • Presentation of Materials
  • Group discussion
  • Take home materials
  • Discount on life coaching services

*   Cost includes Energy Leadership Assessment
**   Prepayment required for this class
*** No refunds once the assessment has been

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