Our unique wellness center boasts 16 practitioner rooms and one workshop space. Modrn Sanctuary offers room rentals for hourly use and anywhere from one day a week to six. Practitioners working within the Sanctuary space may be eligible to be listed on our website, have the option to be included in our promotional materials, and may be eligible for discounts to some services within our facility.

Full Time Renter

Full time renters are allocated their own private room. Each room is rented on a yearly basis, comes with front desk support for checking in clients.

Practitioners who rent full time may be listed on our website, can be included in our marketing material, and have the option to upgrade their front desk services to include scheduling and payment management.

ROOMS AVAILABLE! Rates range from $2650-$3500 per month.

Day Rates Rentals

Modrn Sanctuary has one treatment room that is available on a daily basis. Our room comes equipped with a desk, massage/acupuncture table, or a couch for therapy uses.

Practitioners looking to rent on a daily basis are required to set up an account with Modrn Sanctuary prior to using the room. 

Modrn has rooms by the day (on a minimum of 12 month contract) available from $185-$350/day for Monday - Friday and $165-$325 for Saturdays. 

Workshop Rental

Modrn Sanctuary is home to a 200 SF himalayan salt room. Our beautiful room can fit:

  • 5-6 yoga mats, 
  • 8-10 floor chairs (backjacks)


Rental of the Salt room is by the hour and ranges from $125-$150 per hour depending on the time of day you are looking to rent. 


To learn more about renting at Modrn Sanctuary please contact us at 212-675-9355, email us at, call us 212-675-9355, OR  feel free to fill out the form below:

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