Pilates Fision with Marcela M.N. Bugge

Power pilates, functional exercise, active stretching.

Take a break from the office and get your body moving.

  • Get stronger, more flexible and aware of your physical body.
  • Embody awareness that will be applied in any other physical practice or daily activity.
  • More strength and agility in less than a month (with only 2 classes a week!!)

This class is for you BECAUSE:  you have a desire to feel more flexible, you want complement your gym training, you need to improve your balance, you don’t like repetitive classes, you are an athlete, you do not want to feel the wear of "getting old", you have a very challenging executive life, you want to feel younger, you spend most of your daily time sitting down, your movement is not like it used to be, you feel pain in daily, or if you just want to feel good...


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Date:              Tuesdays & Thursdays    
Time:              12pm-1pm
Cost:               $35   
Location:         Modrn Sanctuary   12 West 27th Street, 9th Floor

About Marcela 

Her strong background in movement, created a holistic view of the human being.

Being centered, balanced, free, strong, soft, aware can be used physically, emotionally, or spiritually alike. This integrated way of perceiving transformation; and the thirst to explore what our physical body can offer guided her studies into various techniques after graduating academically in Dance.

After 6 years of a performer and teaching career in London (UK), she moved into a path to educate others and to help to find and revel their best version of being alive and in movement.

In Sao Paulo; worked Pilates and movement instructor, managed different studios until opening her own with Rolfing and other techniques that she now works with an integrated view of being.     

 24 years working as movement techniques she is now in training to become a Rolfing Faculty member, practicing in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is just starting a practice in New York. Always searching to further her personal research with high athletes, dancers and her education to be able to offer the best tolls to her clients.