Get your health and diet back on track by taking this workshop. Be a pro at balancing meals and work life with top nutritionist Lorraine Kearney. In this workshop, you will learn tricks to be kitchen savvy and how to base your meals around your New York City lifestyle! Stop eating on the go, and learn how to prepare meals in 20 minutes or less. By applying a holistic approach to eating foods that work in harmony with your body will decrease risk for chronic disease and improve general health.

Who should take this class?

People who want to: - Eat health.
- Loss weight.
- Improve health.

- Save money.
- Increase energy. - Decrease fatigue.

How we eat and fuel our body is directly related to our health and wellness. By making simple yet, effective changes to our diet and daily routines we can increase longevity and restore balance within the body. When inner balance has been restored it decreases inflammation and improves health.

Light refreshments and wine will be served during the event.

Date:             Tue 21 February 2017
Time:             6pm -8pm
Cost:              $65  * RSVP required

Lorraine Kearney is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Her degrees are in Dietetics, Foods, and Nutrition, as well as, Psychology. She applies her knowledge of the latest scientific findings and her training in cognitive therapy to provide her clients with the most informed nutrition education. Lorraine is a former nutritionist with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and worked in the Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Tobacco Control. For more information follow the link