Heart & Salt FREE EVENT
February 13, 2018

Modrn Sanctuary is pleased to host a day of healing the heart and finding balance in our beautiful Himalayan salt room. All classes will be hosted by our elite team of practitioners. 

RSVP required as space is limited. 


11am  Breath-Centered Vinyasa

Hosted by Salvador Martinez

In Breath-Centered Vinyasa, the feedback of yoga is the process of consciously integrating body, mind, movement, and breath and maintaining that awareness throughout the practice. In the yoga tradition, the principle of svadhyaya (self-study) is engaged with asana (postures).

Students are guided and encouraged to maintain qualities of steadiness, alertness, and comfort as we move through various vinyasa krama (organized sequences of asana), paying particular attention to the ways in which our breath can affect our mind and our mind can affect our breath.

12pm & 3pm chromaYOGA- The Heart Chakra

Hosted by Natalie J. Pierson

A 50 min class hosted in a luxury Himalayan salt room. You will experience the healing powers of color therapy while immersed in the energy of 200 million year old healing salt. This 7 week program will address balancing of the 7 Chakras through LED color changing salt walls and heated salt floors that release negative ions. Through powerful poses associated with the corresponding chakra and vocalization of positive charged affirmations, you will leave present, empowered, and in optimum balance.

Salt Room Walls Will Be Green
Green is the color of nature, which can reconnect us to the planet earth. We instinctively lean towards green when in need of balance and harmony. Green links with and stimulates the heart chakra.Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect.  Has a healing effect on kidneys. Increases immunity and Strengthens the nervous system.

1:30pm   Kundalini in the Salts

Hosted by Julie Worden

Increase vitality and immunity. Focus the mind and soften the body. Cleanse the sinuses, lungs and circulatory system. Melt away the stress of the day. Restore balance within the body and spirit. Kundalini kriyas to make the body pliable and receptive to pranayama (breath direction), meditation and restoration. No experience necessary, bring a towel and easy clothing. An adventure awaits...........

4pm - Aromatherapy Workshop
with Lizz VanWilgen Smith

Join Lizz Smith, aromatherapist / physical therapist for this hour to learn how essential oils can support your emotional and physical wellbeing. Just in time for Valentines Day, learn how to incorporate oils in to a home massage or bath to promote relaxation.

5:15pm - Self-Love Meditation & Workshop

Join guru and meditation teach Devi Sawh as you give yourself your undivided attention and love for Valentine's Day!An hour full of self love and discussions, techniques and meditation all guaranteed to make you feel like your own Valentine.

You deserve it! 

(For those who cannot make it, this class will also be offered as a paid class on Valentines Day!)

6:30pm    Crystal Healing for the Heart

Join Certified Crystal Healer & Crystal Reiki Master, Alexis J Alvarez, for a special group healing session in the salt room!

Alexis will lead the group through a short heart healing meditation, then clear & balance the heart chakra of each participant with Crystal Reiki Healing. This session serves to heal the heart: repair emotional wounds, release grief & anger, increase self-love, enhance the sensuality in your current relationship or help attract a new love interest. 

(For those who cannot make it, this class will also be offered as a paid class on Friday February 16th!)



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