KIKI FLYNN     Wellness Coach / Consultant

K I K I  F L Y N N

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Kiki Flynn is a Wellness Consultant, Yoga educator, and Personal Coach. She develops and implements programs for both individuals and organizations creating road maps to wellbeing and wellness that facilitate client goals and vision.

Kiki is passionate about solutions and strategies that are life affirming, sustainable, safe and supportive.

In addition to studying Yoga therapeutics, meditational and Wellness traditions in India since 1995, Kiki has earned a Professional Coaching Certificate from NYU.

She teaches workshops and retreats globally in Yoga and Wellness practices as well as Yoga Teachers Training modules in Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit.

Across platforms, Kiki is an unforgettable educator engaging participants and audiences with exemplary storytelling, deep insight, humor, improvisation and warmth.

Kiki works with clients with a diversity of backgrounds and considerations including older adults, M.S., Spinal Cord Injury, professional performers and athletes.

She develops programs based on client needs including ease of movement, increased mobility, pain and stress-reduction, weight loss, fitness, lifestyle education and implementation as well as sustainability in daily schedule and self-care protocols.

Kiki is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of Wellness, Natural Lifestyle, Ashtanga Yoga, Inspired Living, and Organic Beauty. She is a popular YouTube Guru and Blogger on Natural Lifestyle.