Jacqueline Winn, CPC, ELI-MP

Jackie completed her Life Coach certification through the iPEC Coach Training Program.  This program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the governing organization that sets standards of conduct.  All iPEC coaches are held to the ICF’s high professional standards and ethical guidelines.  Jackie also completed her coursework to  become a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).

Jackie received her BS/BA from Boston University and then pursued her interest in finance by completing her MBA at Pepperdine University.  After graduation she worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in Public Information and Media Relations.  It was a dream job at a powerful place but Jackie believed there was more.  She decided to give up her secure job at “The Bank” and pursue an exciting career in the field of trading and commodities.  At this point, she entered into a challenging new world.  She was told over and over that she would not be able to succeed.  She drew inspiration from the naysayers and committed herself to learning the most she could.  Her hard work paid off as she became a registered CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) and the youngest female Member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  This was the first of many situations where Jackie realized that there are no boundaries to what one can accomplish in life.  With a plan, guidance, and perseverance anything is possible.  Jackie brings this attitude to her everyday life and is excited to share her perspective with friends and colleagues.