Execute With Intention

It’s all about energy. Your Energy. We all have an energetic profile, which is the energy we experience throughout the day. Your energetic profile provides a filter or lens in which you see and experience the world around you and the actions or inaction you take in life.  By understand our 7 Core Energy Levels* we can learn to chose our experiences from the lens of opportunity and begin to take empowering actions that move us forward toward our goals. 

Join us as we explore these energy levels and a simple equation that can help make change easy with special guest Aubrey Levitt. Aubrey and Alexandra met with two approaches to the same goal- Action. By combining their tools and techniques, they have crafted the Execute with Intention workshop series that helps individuals and business take action-oriented steps with passion & purpose. 

Join us as we learn tools that can help you move forward with energy, awareness, and options!

Date:    December 7th, 2016                          
Time:     6:30-8pm
Cost:     $65  *RSVP required

Hosted By Alexandra Janelli & Aubrey Levitt