Our Crystal Bed is being custom built in Sedona and will arrive end of April!
We are starting bookings for May 11th! Prebook now!

30 Minute Session · Crystal Bed Treatment· $75

The 30-Minute Crystal Bed Treatment is a wonderful option for clients on the go or as an add-on to another service they received at the center! 

60 Minute Session · Crystal Bed Treatment · $150

The 60-Minute Crystal Bed Treatment allows clients to enjoy a relaxation crystal bed experience and go deep into a healing state! 

75 Minute Session · In Person Reiki & Crystal Bed Treatment · $250

Our 75-Minute treatment includes a 30 minute energy and reiki session with Natalie J. Pierson where clients can set intentions and work on a deep energetic level. This work is then followed by a 45-minute crystal bed treatment to deepen the work and intentions. 

Clients of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed can elect a variety of services. Our Crystal Bed is a wonderful add-on to any treatment and service to deepen the health benefits and intentions you are looking to accomplish.  

Each treatment is customizable to include any and all of the following:

• Crystal therapy
• Color therapy
• Vibration therapy
• Binaural beats
• Infared/bio mat

Our 75-minute treatment must be booked with the front desk by calling 212-675-9355