Yoga & Ayurveda As Healing Systems


 Ayurveda approaches health and wellness in a customized and personal way by embracing the differences in individuals.  It recognizes the interconnectedness between the universe, on the macro level, and individuals, on a micro level.  The primal elements of either/space, air, fire, water and earth that exist in nature also make up our physical bodies and mind.  On the micro level, the primal elements manifest as three mind-body constitutions, known as doshas: Vata (space/air); Pitta(fire/water); and Kapha (earth/water).  Each person is born with a unique proportion of these elements, also known as prakruti.  When we consciously adopt daily practices and seasonal routines that take into consideration this unique proportion, we are taking steps to enhance or overall by maintaining a natural state of balance.


When we engage in behavior that is antagonistic to our natural state of balance or life’s other circumstances (i.e., stresses from work, financial instability etc.), we may become imbalanced (vikruti).  These imbalances may affect our mood, energy, digestion and other bodily processes, productivity, sleep, approach to life and relationships with others.  Over time and if left unchecked, these imbalances can travel deeper into our bodies and lead to more serious health complications.


Ayurveda’s approach to health is to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve optimal health and live a fulfilling and inspired life.  Depending on the nature and extent of the imbalance, we may recommend various protocols including dietary, herbal, dinacharya (daily routine), yoga asanas, meditation, chants and pranayama