Anick Quimet Guira    |    vibration therapy & Trame practitioner

Anick Quimet Guira first became interested in Trame therapy when a friend in her native Montreal experienced what seemed to be a miracle cure for skin allergies that she’d been battling for decades. Intrigued, Anick began an exploration and study of the therapy with the intention of only practicing on her family. Her belief and commitment to Trame expanded with the results; She had found her calling.

Anick studied traveling regularly to Montreal for education and hands-on learning to bring this rejuvinating therapy to her adopted home city of New York.  Trame (wich means weft) treats the “fabric of energy,” meant to flow freely and easily through the body but is often slowed or blocked by traumas and stressors. Trame releases those traumas to bring balance, harmony, and vitality back to our natural energy flow. The results are both emotional and physical. As a practioner, Anick feels privileged to share this form of wellness in the city she’s called home for 18 years. “While New York is wonderful, it can feel like the air is filled with adrenaline.” Keenly attuned to the frenetic demands of city living, Anick has brought Trame to many, helping them maintain physical and emotional equilibrium.

The mother of 3, and an experienced marathon runner, Anick recently expanded her depth of knowledge to include certified yoga instructor, strengthening her connection to her practice and expanding her commitment to wellness and self-care. She is thrilled to be able to share Trame with her fellow New Yorkers.